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Support & Outreach

Reverend Lee has strong beliefs and a vision of the community as one village where everyone works together to enrich and empower our community.

As a formerly undocumented immigrant, Rev. Lee understands the challenges--housing, employment, food, medical, legal--faced by individuals and families on an everyday basis. Conceived from that understanding and a deep desire to help, Community Concerns Network extends support to all in need, whether documented or undocumented. Our efforts include providing food, clothing, and other supplies; assisting with clean up in times of natural disasters; consoling and offering support for families, including police officers, that have experienced violence of any kind; arranging seminars, workshops, and other resources for community members needing legal, housing, financial, immigration, deportation and other advice; and orchestrating citizenship drives and voter registration to help build civic responsibility.

As Rev Lee believes "it takes a village," CCN partners with a broad variety of government agencies, neighborhood associations, community leaders, elected officials, and clergy to serve the community and contribute to the common good.

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