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UNPAC: Uniting Police & Community

UNPAC is a new initiative providing a safe and neutral platform for police and community to have peaceful interactions, open conversations on public safety and trust, and mutual support for all experiencing loss to violence.

A community in which law enforcement and residents
➢ operate in harmony to eliminate violence and fear
➢ educate and empower each other
➢ increase the overall wellness and safety of the East Flatbush neighborhood

Uniting Police and Community (UNPAC) fosters authentic dialog between community members, public leaders, and law enforcement and, through knowledge, education, engagement, and support, we strengthen and empower residents to make better life decisions.

Uniting Police and Community (UNPAC)

The relationship between law enforcement representatives and community residents in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, as well as in many cities across America, is an ongoing challenge that often erupts into violence; creates discord; increases mistrust and reduces respect for all individuals—regardless of status, race, gender, or otherwise. This volatile relationship makes it difficult for our communities to trust those tasked with protecting us and for the police force to do their jobs safely. With UNPAC, we bring the NYPD and the community together through demonstrations like Unity Walk, impromptu conversations on street corners, strategic meetings with local business owners, gang members, and residents and support groups for police and community alike. Our goal is to empower community residents and businesses by building a better understanding so that we can forge peace and respect between both entities.

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