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Reverend Terry M. Lee


Reverend Terry Lee was born and raised in Cowley, Jamaica, where as a young adult he attended school and worked in construction. In 1989, he emigrated to New York and joined a construction company while spreading the gospel between assignments on buses, trains and anywhere he could get an audience. That was the beginning of his street Ministry, then he heeded the call of the Lord to enter the Ministry full-time.In fact, he is known as the man with the “Church on Wheels”. His mobile truck parades the streets of Brooklyn and other boroughs as his platform to preach and teach the gospel.

However, it was not until 1994 that Reverend Lee Ministry reached new heights when his faith in God, passion for people and personal desire to serve the community coincided with the formation of his church, By-Ways and Hedges Youth for Christ Ministry Inc. Since its doors opened, the church teaching and practice of love and compassion has expanded throughout Brooklyn. As a young dynamic pastor with a mission to propel the gospel message with vigor and power, the microphone as a shield and the Holy Bible as the sword, Reverend Lee does not hesitate to deliver the gospel in many unconventional ways and the results of changing lives are very rewarding.

Reverend Lee has strong beliefs and vision of the community as one village, where everyone works together towards empowerment, led him to network with many political and civic leaders in New York, as well as, the New York Police Department, particularly in the 67, 70 and 71 precincts. He serves as a Mediator between the community members and the Police Department and a NYPD Clergy Liaison. These roles helped him to gain a better understanding, thus enhancing the community and police relationship. Reverend Lee often speaks to the new recruits during their orientation and once, he was selected as a “Police Inspector for a Day” with the Transit Department.

Additionally, during Reverend Lee’s work within the community, he has formed relationships with many political figures including Governor George Pataki, Senator Hilary Clinton, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Senator, and former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Commissioner of Police Safir, Bernard Kerik and Ray Kelly.

Reverend Lee is an active resident of the Brooklyn Community, he provides spiritual guidance to families and individuals. He is also an active member of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CACCI, and currently serves as a member of Community Board 17 on the Education Committee. He is a member of the Borough of Brooklyn Ecumenical Advisory Group, BBEAG, and Churches United to Save and Heal, CUSH. Rev. Lee is the founder of Utica and Church Avenue Merchants Association (UCAMA). He is also the founder of Immigrants Responding to Crisis (IRTC) an arm of the Community Concern Network (CCN). Rev. Lee adopted the Brownsville Academy High School through his church ministry. Rev. Lee has organized many events such as Immigration Seminars, the Unity Walk, the White House Prayer for The Nation, Brooklyn Salutes Awards, Domestic Violence & Gang Violence Awareness, organizes Food and Clothing Drives, the founder of the Revelation Soldiers Labor Day Evangelism Float.

Reverend Terry Lee is also the President of the By-Ways Real Life Times News, a community newspaper established to empower and educate the community members on immigration and other issues. He possesses the ability to inspire and motivate people with care and enthusiasm. Furthermore, his integrity, passion for others, and faith in God creates dynamic and effective teaching environment in his church and on the streets. He brings a strong commitment to helping the community, empowering others to unite with excellence.

Reverend Lee, is married to Pastor Joyce Lee and the union produced a daughter, Sherqueena. They support him every step of the way along with his congregation.

By-Ways and Hedges Youth for Christ Ministry under the leadership of Reverend Lee has over the years evolved into an information station, a place of refuge for the hungry and needy and a resource center for all the surrounding communities. Reverend Terry Lee has become a household name in Brooklyn and is well known in all five (5) boroughs and beyond. He is connected with people from every status of society and treats each person with the same compassion and great respect.

Reverend Terry M. Lee
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