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SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2022 | 11am - 6pm

Empire Blvd | Flatbush Avenue to Church Avenue | Utica Avenue

East Flatbush, Brooklyn


Walk with us. Play with us.


The Annual Unity Walk and Community Festival is intended to promote healing and unity between two forces that have been in conflict for decades. Our story began in 1997 when police activity in Crown Heights created violent responses and outbreaks. We needed healing then and we need it now. Join us to promote peace between the police and our community so we can build a better, safer, Brooklyn.

Now more than ever we need you, our community, to stand together with faith-based leaders, elected officials, anti-violence groups, non-profits, and more as one powerful voice against violence and in support of open communication and cooperation with law enforcement. Be part of the healing process in an inspirational, peaceful, and visual manner.

Sign Up solo and join one of our 25 existing sections that represent unity and healing, inluding but not limited to:

  • Marching Bands

  • Families that have experienced violence, including families of police officers

  • Elected officials, community leaders, branches of government

  • Members of the clergy and other faith-based groups (foot only)

  • Members of the clergy, faith-based groups and secular groups (vehicles only)

  • Youth Groups

  • Motorcycle Associations

  • Healthcare workers, agencies, hospitals

  • Athletes, athletic organizations, including any police athletic leagues

  • Police, friends of the NYPD, and police-related organizations and associations, ex-police members, etc.

  • Anti-violence organizations, groups, agencies

  • Immigrants of all nationalities, including Caribbean, European, African, Asian, Latin, etc

  • Friends and Nationals of Jamaica - Celebrating Jamaican Independence Day (Aug 6)

  • Friends and Nationals of Trinidad - Celebrating Trinidad Independence Day (Aug 31)

  • Musicians (secular / non-secular, gospel, rock, rappers, jazz, etc.)

  • Neighborhood delis, food stores, and restaurants, waitstaff, cooks, caterers, etc.

  • Neighborhood retailers, salons, and other non-food related businesses

  • Entertainers, impersonators, comedians, actors, bartenders, mimes, etc

  • Block associations, homeowners, etc.

  • Social Providers - government agencies and more

  • Armed Forces – Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard.

  • Daycares, parents, and children

  • Colleges, educational institutions, trade schools, libraries

  • Domestic Violence

  • Fashion designers, painters/artists, poets, writers, etc.

Have your own team? No problem. You can still register with one of our pre-designated sections as a team. Be festive -- wear similar colors to stand out within your section or bring your own banner, flags, posters, etc. 

After the parade, head over to the festival on Utica Avenue and Church Avenue and enjoy a day of family fun. While there, pick up information on financial services, housing services, mental health, fitness, schools, and so much more. 

Whatever you do, how ever you come, join us to make Brooklyn a safer neighborhood for everyone.

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