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SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 2024| 11am - 6pm

Empire Blvd | Flatbush Avenue to Church Avenue | Utica Avenue

East Flatbush, Brooklyn


Build a safer Brooklyn.


Our partners enable us to produce the Annual Unity Walk and Community Festival, which not only works to unite the police and the community but the event provides fun for the entire family as well as resources on health insurance, rent and food assistance, and more as well as legal and financial referrals on matters that affect our community members on a day-to-day basis.

Over the years, Unity Walk  has effectively helped to bridge the gap between the youth in our neighborhood and the police officers that serve our community. Through mobilization and outreach, we are changing the social norm.  By cultivating a more positive interaction with the NYPD and promoting awareness of issues like violence, health, and immigration we have succeeded in

  • Detecting and interrupting gun violence before it happens

  • Encouraging youth at high risk to seek alternative options that keep them off the street

  • Addressing mental health and trauma created because of gun violence

  • Identifying and creating a united force across Brooklyn that is against gun violence

  • Restoring hope through our faith and our ministry

Unity Walk is a can’t-miss opportunity for you to directly reach and interact with residents of the East Flatbush community and other visitors and to position your brand as an entity that supports its community and sends the message that united, we can stand up against violence and live safer, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

CLICK HERE For more information on Unity Walk. Ready to sign up... Become a partner NOW!

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